Our sunglasses come with polarized lenses to protect your eyes, and have a classic style that are as cool as they are comfortable. Shipped from the USA!

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Our basic sunglasses are perfect because they have a classic style and a disposable pricetag. Each pair of glasses come with polarized lenses to protect your eyes. Made for long summer days exploring new cities, jungles, and beaches, these tinted sunglasses are stylish and functional. These affordable sunglasses have a black plastic frame and tinted or reflective lenses.

We suggest that travelers always bring a pair of cheap plastic sunglasses along for any trip- from Italy to Arizona. While abroad or about, you should sieze the opportunity to purchase and wear expensive and high quality sunglasses, however, during any adventure or activity a basic classic pair will not be a loss if anything happens. This invaluable life lesson is brought to you by the pair of $100 sunglasses I once owned that now reside at the bottom of a lake in Michigan… #traveltips


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