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Traveling from Rome to Pompeii

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Traveling from Rome to Pompeii for a day trip is very possible, but requires a bit of pre-planning to be affordable. To travel to Pompeii from Rome, you will have several options: 1) hire a car or personal tour 2) … Read More

5 Things to do in London

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London is a beautiful city with a rich history and a sophisticated taste. Remarkable towering glass buildings dot the skyline, juxtaposed against the Tower of London and other historic sites. London is a fantastic city to visit; the culture is … Read More

London Heathrow Transportation

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Flying into London Heathrow can be a daunting experience, but it is actually a very easy airport to navigate. London Heathrow is just outside of London, so you will need to take a Taxi, the Heathrow Express, or the London … Read More

Weekend Carry-on Packing List

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  Packing for a Weekend Trip in a Carry-On Packing for a weekend trip in just a carry-on is easy and effective. Using just a carry-on for a flight is a good idea these days as many airlines charge extra … Read More